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"Beyond a Single Axis Analysis: Religion, Race and Gender in the Lives of Black Undergraduates in the US" - Dr. Keon McGuire (Arizona)

16.05.2018, 16:15 Uhr - Öffentlicher Gastvortrag

In the wake of intersectionality’s increasing popularity among higher education scholars in the United States, many have pointed to the limitations of single-axis analysis of students’ lives. Pointing to the insufficiency of siloed considerations of social categories of difference (i.e., race, gender), researchers advocate for more earnest considerations of how multiple categories of difference intersect to inform students’ educational opportunities and lived experiences. Such an analysis, arguably intuitively so, have been vigorously taken up by scholars who examining college students’ identity. Yet, not all scholars take up intersectionality in the same way, leading to the claim of misuse. In this presentation, Dr. McGuire will discuss how his own engagement with intersectionality is situated within the intellectual heritage of Black women’s scholarly and political writings. Moreover, he will discuss the various ways intersectionality has informed his analysis of religion, race, gender and sexuality in the lives of Black undergraduate students attending predominantly White institutions in the United States. 

Wo: Schloßwender Straße 1, R105 Gebäude 1211, 30159 Hannover

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