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Major Research Fields

Research Initiatives

A Research Initiative is an amalgamation of individual working groups dealing with a clearly formulated and extensive research subject across traditional subject and faculty boundaries. It is established by the presidium upon request by the involved scientists.

On the central webpages of Leibniz Universität Hannover, an overview of Research Initiatives, Research Centres as well as Research Schools of LUH is provided. 

Research Initiatives of the Faculty of Humanities

Major Research Fields of the Faculty

Within the major research fields of our faculty, scientists are currently involved in different large subject areas. These major research fields form the roof of individual projects as well as research working groups, such as research initiatives which focus on sub-areas of a major research field.

Interdisciplinary Working Groups

In the working groups of our faculty, interdisciplinary scientific research subjects as well as special topics are being worked on. The groups are parts of bigger research units, as for instance major research fields.