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Finishing Line

Submitting your dissertation

Finally you made it! You completed your dissertation and decided to submit it. What do you have to do next?

  • According to § 9 of the Research Degree Regulations you have to submit an informal application to the Dean of Research in oder to get started with the whole procedure.
  • Three copies of the dissertation need to be submitted in the Research Office. Please do keep in mind to add an in lieu of an oath declaration that you wrote your thesis independantly, that you did not use any other resources than those listed, as well as the declaration, that the dissertation was not used before as an examination paper. 
  • Make sure the layout of the front page corresponds to this example (in German). Please do not use exclusively capital letters in the title.

As soon as the documents are complete, your supervisor will be invited to the next PhD Organisation Committee meeting which decides on the admission of the procedure and moreover chooses further supervisors for your project. 



  • an informal application to initiate the PhD procedure
  • a certified proof of identity - if you hand in your documents personally, we can instead make a copy of your passport
  • three printed copies of the dissertation
  • one identical electronic version (PDF)
  • a binding declaration of authorship (Eidesstattliche Erklärung) according to § 9, sentence 4 of the Research Degree Regulations (Promotionsordnung)


As soon as your dissertation is accepted by the PhD Organisation Committee (see above), an appointment, a location as well as a chairman need to be found for your oral examination. The Research Office  will for that matter get in touch with you. You will have to submit your handout (usually a brief summary in theses) at the Research Office twelve days before your disputation. The Research Office will then in turn officially inform you, your supervisors as well as the chairman about the location, the time, participants and last but not least about the content of your disputation.  

Publishing your work - finally Dr. phil.

You can either publish your dissertation in a printed form or electronically via e-mail. Only if you published your work and received your PhD certificate, you are allowed to use the title Dr. phil. You are necessarily required to submit a sample copy (hard-bound copy), a revision sheet signed by your supervisor as well as a confirmation of the "Technische Informationsbibliothek"  (TIB/UB) that you handed in the required samples for the university library at the Research Office. Please pay attention to the guidelines of the university library (TIB/UB).


  • a sample copy
  • a revision sheet
  • a confirmation of the "Technische Informationsbibliothek"  (TIB/UB)