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International guest scholars

In order to bolster the internationalization of teaching, strengthen research-oriented teaching within the context of masters programmes in specific fields and advance national and international cooperation on the exchange of students and scholars, the Faculty of Humanities initiated a guest scholar programme in the wintersemester 2009/2010. Since then resources for our guest scholar programme have been approved every semester.

Every institute and interdisciplinary working group in the faculty is entitled to submit an application to the Collegiate Dean’s Office (Kollegiales Dekanat) at any time through the appropriate course coordinator. This should include a statement of support from the head of the institute, special research programme or interdisciplinary institution. 

As a rule, guest scientists should be invited for one to two weeks.The stay should take place within two semesters following the application period. The application period for the wintersemester 2017/2018 ends on 15th July 2017.

In allocating funds, the Faculty’s aim is to establish a core of teaching in English or other languages of relevance to a given course. In addition, preference is given to applications that include plans to apply, within six months, for external funding (DFG, DAAD, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the like) for a follow-up visiting lectureship likely to consolidate international cooperative relations.

Further information can be found in our explanatory leaflet for application.

The following guest scholars we were fortunate to welcome at the Faculty of Humanities so far.




Prof. Dr. Maik Philipp

Prof. Dr. Maik Philipp is professor of „Deutschdidaktik: Schreibförderung“ (Didactics of the German Language: Improvement of Writing) at the Pädagogischen Hochschule Zürich.

Stay: June 13 - June 25, 2016; Institute of Educational Psychology

Main research areas: Reading and writing competence, motivation and socialization, evidence-based reading and writing improvement


  • public lecture: „Vom Schreiben zum Lesen und einmal zurück. Bausteine einer evidenzbasierten Lese- und Schreibförderung“

Website: https://phzh.ch/personen/maik.philipp

Prof. Dr. Krystyna Radziszewska

Professor for German, Austrian and Swiss literature and culture at the University of Łódź

Stay: June 2016, Department of History

Main research areas: History, culture and literature of the German and Jewish minority in Poland, period of Nazi-occupation in Poland, History of the ghetto Lodz/Litzmannstadt


  • Bi-national seminar: „Deutsch-polnische Vergangenheiten. Lodz/ Litzmannstadt im Zweiten Weltkrieg: Verfassen journalistischer Beiträge über eine Exkursion“

Website: http://www.germanistyka.uni.lodz.pl/krystyna-radziszewska

Leeann W. Bass

Graduate Student, Emory College of Arts and Science, Ph.D. Candidate at the Laney Graduate School, Emory University, Woodruff Fellow in Statistical Data Services at the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship

Stay: June 2016, Institute of Political Science

Main research areas: American Politics, Judicial Politics


  • “Introduction to Applied Statistical Analysis Using R”

Website: http://polisci.emory.edu/home/graduate/current-students/bass-leeann.html

Prof. Dr. David Díaz Arias

Prof. Dr. David Díaz Arias, Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR), Deputy Director, Department of History, University of Costa Rica, head of the postgraduate program on Latin American History

Stay: January 2016, Department of History

Main research areas:

Central and Latin American History, Latin American History from the 19th century to present day


  • Lecture in seminar: „Revolution und Frieden in Zentralamerika. Die Contadora-Initiative 1978-1996“

Prof. Dr. Alicia Turner

Prof. Dr. Alicia Turner, Associate Professor of Humanities and Religious Studies at York University in Toronto, Editor of The Journal of Burma Studies

Stay: December 2015, Institute for Theology and Religious Studies


Main research areas:

Religion , Asian/Pacific Studies , Buddhism, Religions of Southeast Asia, Religion and Colonialism/Empire, Religion and Nationalism, Burmese History, Gender and Religion, European Buddhist Converts in Asia, Theory and Method in the Study of Religion


  • Seminar: „Religion-Making and the Colonial Encounter”
  • Public lecture: "„Religion-Making at the Margins: Cosmopolitan and Pluralist Potentials in Colonial Burma”



Dr. Thomas John Biginagwa

Dr. Thomas John Biginagwa, HEEAL Junior Research Fellow, Department of Archaeology University of York, Department of Archaeology and Heritage der Universität Dar es Salaam

Stay: November 2015, Department of History

Main research areas:

historical archaeology of the 18th and 19th century caravan trade in East Africa: Tanzania, people, trade and diet, subsistence strategies, land utilization


  • Seminar: „The Impact of 19th Century Caravan Trade on Societies in East Africa: Investigating Economic, Environmental and Social Change”
  • Lecture: “Historical Archaeology of the 19th- Century Caravan Trade in East Africa: People, Trade, and Subsistence Strategies”



Professor Dr. Michael Mandelartz

Professor Dr. Michael Mandelartz, Professor at the Department of German Literature, Faculty of Arts and Letters, Meiji University.

Stay: October – November 2015, German Department

Main research areas:

Science and technology in literature of the 18th century, Johan Wolfgang von Goethe, Heinrich von Kleist, German-Jewish literature, classic and romantic aesthetics


  • „Göttliches und menschliches Recht in Heinrich von Kleists Erzählungen“



Prof. Dr. Marie Louise Bech Nosch

Prof. Dr. Marie Louise Bech Nosch, Research professor, SAXO-Institute - Archaeology, Ethnology, Greek & Latin, History, University of Copenhagen, Director of the Danish National Research Foundation’s Centre for Textile Research, University of Copenhagen.

Stay: April 24 – July 24, 2015, Department of History

Main research areas:

history of textile, Greek history, Aegean epigraphy, Linear B, history of the textile industry in the Mycenaean area/period?


  •  Lecture and seminar: Linear B und das mykenische Griechenland
  •  Talk: „Kleidergeschichten in der Späten Bronzezeit Europas“



Petra Engelbrecht

Petra Engelbrecht, Professor in Educational Psychology, Faculty for Education, Canterbury Christ Church University (UK)

Stay: October 10 – 17, 2014, Institute for Special Education

Main research areas:

comparative studies in educational equity, implementation of inclusive education, transformation of teachers training, qualitative methods, studies in mixed-methods design



  • Public guest lecture: "Mixed method research and its use in international research in (inclusive) education"
  • Seminar: „Inclusive education from an international perpective“



Dr. Leslie Dorrough Smith

Dr. Leslie Dorrough Smith, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Department of Religious Studies and Chair of the Women’s and Gender Studies Department, Avila University (USA).

Stay: July 20 – 26, 2014, Institute for Theology and Religious Studies

Main research areas:

Religious Studies & Women's Studies (Dual Emphasis), Sociology of Religion, American Protestant Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism: 1865-present, Feminist and Gender Theory, Discourse and Rhetoric


  • Public guest lecture: "Righteous Rhetoric: Sex, Speech, and the Politics of Concerned Women for America"
  • Seminar: „The Politics of ‚Fundamentalism‘“



Dr. Jessica Stites Mor

Dr. Jessica Stites Mor, Associate Professor for Latin American of History, The University of British Columbia, Okanagan.

Stay: May 26 – June 8, 2014, Department of History

Main research areas:

History, Argentinian History, Gender Studies, Visual Studies, Media Studies, Documentary Film Studies


  • Guest lecture: "Argentine Political Filmmaking and Transnational Solidarity Networks: 1956-2014"

Website: http://ubc.academia.edu/StitesMorJessica


Dr. Timothy Fritzgerald

Dr. Timothy Fritzgerald, Reader in Religion at the School of Languages, Cultures and Religions at the University of Stirling, Scotland, UK.

Stay: June15 - 22, 2014, Department of Religious Science, Institute for Theology and Religious Studies


Main research areas:

Culture and Religion of Japan, co-founder of Critical Religious Science


  • Guest lecture: „Are Tony Blair’s and Christopher Hitchens’ deployments of ‘religion’ a cause of violence in the Middle East?"
  • Seminar: „The Religion of Capital: Deconstructing Political Economy“



Prof. Dr. Richard King

Prof. Dr. Richard King, Professor for Buddhist and Asian Studies an der Universität Kent (Canterbury, UK), Head of Department

Stay: June 9 – 17, 2014, Department of Religious Science, Institute for Theology and Religious Studies

Main research areas:

Cultural transfer between Asia and Europe, Asian traditions and religious studies in general Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, theory and method questions in religious studies, comparative study of mysticism and spirituality


  • Guest lecture: "From Mysticism to Spirituality: Colonial Legacies and the Reformulation of 'the Mystic East'"
  • Seminar: „Towards a Philosophical Exploration of Early Indian Buddhism“



Prof. Dr. Gaby Palier

Professor Dr. Gaby Palier, Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies, University of British  Columbia/Vancouver (Canada)

Stay: Decemeber 9 – 14, 2013, German Department

Main research areas:

German literature
 from early modern to contemporary, gender and literature, drama and theatre, Enlightenment, Classicism, and Romanticism


  • Bürgerliches Trauerspiel als Realitätsdrama: Drei Szenarien im 18. Jahrhundert



Dr. Vera Lee-Schoenfeld

Assistant Professor in Linguistics, University of Georgia, Athens (USA)

May 27 - June 30, 2013, German Department

main research areas

Theoretical linguistics with a research focus on German syntax, in particular on constructions involving possessor datives and the distribution of reflexive and non-reflexive pronouns in sentences with embedded infinitive clauses and other clause-like phrases.


  • German Possessor Datives: A Raising Account
  • Explaining Case Variation in German Inalienable Possession Constructions

web site


Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Thüne

Professor for German language at the University of Bologna (Italy)

January 14 - 22, 2013, German Department

main research areas

linguistic analysis of literary texts, communication in language classes, media communication, oral narration


Mehrsprachige Sprachbiographien

web site



Prof. Dr. Mark Hansen

Prof. Dr.  Mark Hansen, Professor of Literature, Duke University ()USA

July 2-6, 2012, English Department


main research areas

Critical Theory
Comparative Philosophy
American Mass & Popular Culture
Film Theory & History

guest seminar

  • Feed Forward, or the ‘Future’ of 21st Century Media
  • The End of Pharmacology?: Historicizing 21st Century Media

web site


Prof. Thomas Kühne

Professor of History (Strassler Family Chair in the Study of Holocaust History), Clark University (USA)

June 25- July 24, 2012, Department of History

main research areas

Modern European and German History, racism, physical culture, historical culture, holocaust studies

guest seminar

  • Racial Thought and Body Politics in Modern Europe
  • Revolutionary Europe (1789-1918)

web site



Clemens Weiss

Lecturer and Artist, Mönchengladbach and New York

  • May 30 - June 2, 2012, Institut für Gestaltungspraxis und Kunstwissenschaft

main areas

  • glas installations, theatre projects, performances, presentations, teaching projects

web site



Dr. Margaret Hiley

Lecturer, English Studies, University Centre Peterborough

  • May 29 - June 1, English Department

main research areas

  • fantasy and science fiction

    web site



    Prof. Dr. Benjamin Alire Sáenz

    Professor for Creative Writing, Novelist, Poet, and Writer of Children's Books, Department of Creative Writing, University of Texas, El Paso

    • May 29 - June 2, English Department

    main research areas

    • Creative Writing
    • novels, children's literature

    web site



    Prof. Dr. Willi Braun

    Professor, Department of History and Classics, University of Alberta/ Kanada

    • May 5 - 19, 2012, Institute of Theology and Religious Science

    main research areas

    • Narrative argumentation in early Christian gospels
    • Social formation of early Christian associations
    • Early Christian and Greco-Roman feasting and foodways
    • Early Christian inventions of Jesus
    • Modern social theories of religion

    web site



    Prof. Dr. Linda Woodhead

    Professor of Sociology of Religion, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Lancaster University

    • May 29 - June 1, 2012, Institute of Theology and Religious Studies

    main research areas

    • growth, decline and transformation of Christianty in modern times
    • spirituality and 'alternative' spirituality
    • Gender and Religion

    web site



    Prof. Dr. Tim Jensen

    Associate Professor, Institute of Philosophy and Religious Studies, University of Southern Denmark at Odense

    • April 1 - July 31, 2012, Institute of Theology and Religious Science


    main research areas

    • Religion Education
    • The Study of Religions
    • Religion in Media & Public Discourses
    • Politics, Law and Religion
    • Religion, Law & Human Rights
    • Secularization and Desecularization
    • World Religions in Denmark
    • Islam & Muslims in Denmark
    • Study of Religion Scholars as Experts and Public Opinion Makers


    web site



    Prof. Rui Alexandre Alves

    Assistant Professor, Faculdade de Psicologia e de Cièncias da Educaçao, Universidade do Porto

    • January 8 - 14, 2012, Institute for Educational Psychology 

    main research areas

    psychology of language, including specific learning disabilities, cognitive neuropsychology, including neuropsychological rehabilitation, academic writing

    web site



    Prof. Dr. Henning Salling Olesen

    Prof. of Adult Education, Roskilde University, Dänemark

    • October 20 - 24, 2011, Institute of Vocational Training and Adult Education 

    Main research areas

    Development of joint research projects in the area of Culture, Socialization and Learning Environment with a focus on learning in work life and innovation in formal education

    Development of joint research projects in the area of Culture, Socialization and Learning Environment with a focus on innovative new ways of learning. Knowledge dissemination for improved learning in different culture and society


    Theorie und Forschung im internationalen und historischen Vergleich


    Prof. Dr. Sylvia Henneberg

    American Studies, Morehead State University, Kentucky

    • September 1, 2011 - Januar 31, 2012, English Department


    Main research aeras

    Gender Studies, Women's Literature, History of American lyric poetry


    Reading Course: "Poetry and Gender"

    The Aesthetics and Politics of African-American Writing

    Women's Voices, Feminist Visions: American Women Writers across the Centuries


    Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Görner

    Specialist in German Studies, Head of the School of Languages, Linguistics and Film, and Founding Director of the Centre for Anglo-German Cultural Relations am Queen Mary College der University of London

    • July 1 - 13, 2011, Department of German Studies

    Main resaerch areas

    epresentations of science and music in the German language literatures (from the late 18th century to present day), poetic theory at the turn of the centuries, the literary aesthetics of repetition and the conception of pluralectics in German (Late) Romanticism


    Guest seminar

    Dover im Harz. Aspekte  deutsch-britischer Kulturbeziehungen


    Web site



    Dr. Aly Tandian

    Sociologist, Université Gaston Berger Saint-Louis, Senegal, and Université de Toulouse Le Mirail, Frankreich

    • July 1 - 14, 2011, Department of History

    Main research areas

    Forms and figures of Senegalese migrants owning scholar and professional capital to Belgium and Euro-mediterranean countries (Spain, France and Greece)

    Guest seminar and discourse

    Seminar For the city yet to come - Stadtplanung, urbane Strategien und Erfahrungen im post(kolonialen) Afrika 

     L' étranger de l' intérieur et les nouvelles urbaines au Sénégal

    Dr. Erika Nagy

    Historian and geographer, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Regional Studies (CRS), Hungarian Academy of Science, Budapest

    • June 27 - July 1, 2011, Institute of Political Science in conjunction with research initiative "Raum und Region"

     Main research areas

    socio-economic and spatial urban transformation processes

    Guest seminar

    • Economic restructuring, socio-spatial inequalities and the politics of urban space - Changing urban landscapes in Europe

      Dr. Ndiouga Benga

      Historian, Head of the Départment d´Histoire der Université Cheikh Anta Diop, Dakar, Senegal

      • June 20 - July 4, 2011. Department of History

      main research areas

      urban histoy in a political and cultural historical perspective

      guest seminar and discourse

      Seminar For the city yet to come - Stadtplanung, urbane Strategien und Erfahrungen im post(kolonialen) Afrika 

      Producing und Policing Culture in the Urban Space, Dakar c. 1960-2000 , presentation, June 27, 4 - 6 p.m.


      Dr. Anneth Munga

      Theologian and provost of the Sebastian Kolowa University Colleges (SEKUCo) of the evangelical lutheran Tumaini University in Lushoto, Tanzania

      • May 16th – 26th 2011, Institute for Special Education, Department of  Speech and Language Pedagogy and Therapy

      main research areas

      Special education with an emphasis on ethical, inclusive and intercultural questions, evangelical theology

      Guest seminar and discourse

      • Inclusive Education in Tanzania. Different Views of Disabilities (Institut für Sonderpädagogik, Abt. Sprach-Pädagogik und -Therapie, 20.5., 12.00 p.m.- 1.30 p.m., reception afterwards, Schloßwender Str. 1, room 114)

        Inclusive Education in Tanzania. Ethical and Cross-Cultural Issues (Institut für Sonderpädagogik, Abt. Pädagogik bei Verhaltensstörungen, 23.5., 4.00 p.m. - 5.30 p.m., Schloßwender Str. 1, room 026)

        Tanzania and the Discussion about Inclusion. Differences to Germany? (Institut für Sonderpädagogik, Abt. Allgemeine und Behindertenpädagogik, 24.5., 4.00 p.m. - 5.30 p.m., Schloßwender Str. 1, room 307)

      home page



      Dr. Laurence Marfaing

      Historian, German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA), Hamburg

      •  May 6, 13, 20, 27, 2011

      main research areas

      • Social and economical History in West Africa
      • Migration in West Afrika
      • Translocality in the Sahara-Sahel Region
      • Informal  Sector
      • Brotherhood in Senegal

      guest seminar

       home page




      Dr. Thomas M. Schneidhofer

      Assistant Professor non-tenure, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien

      •  April 15 -May 15, 2011

      main research areas

      • Reconstructing "career" with the help of Pierre Bourdieu's Grand Theory, Marginalization

      guest seminar

      home page



      Prof. Dr. José Casanova

      Prof. for Soziology, Georgetown University, Washington D.C.

      •  May 11 - 17, 2011

      main research areas

      religion and globalization, migration and religious pluralism, transnational religions, and sociological theory

      guest seminar

      home page



      Prof. Dr. Alexander van der Haven

      Assistant Professor, Religious Studies Department, Webster University, St. Louis

      •  May - July, 2011

      main research area

      history of religion, changing role of religion in the 19th and 20th centuries

      guest seminars

      home page 


      Prof. Dr. Martin Riesebrodt

      Prof. for Sociology, University of Chicago

      •  April 26-29, 2011

      main research area

      social theory, the historical and comparative sociology of religion, and the relationship between religion, politics, and secular culture, ascetism, religion and gender, Fundamentalism

      guest seminar

      home page



      photo of Prof. Dr. Michael Khodarkovsky

      Prof. Dr. Michael Khodarkovsky, Professor for Russian History, Loyola University Chicago/ USA

      March 1st - July 31st, 2011

      main research areas

      Early Modern and Imperial Russian History

      guest seminars

      Imperial Russia before the 20th Century

      Religion and Ethnicity in the Russian Empire

      Web page


      Prof. Dr. Russell T. McCutcheon, Department of Religious Studies, University of Alabama/ USA

      January 15st - 22nd, 2011 

      main research areas

      Sociology of Religion, Theories of Myth & Ritual, Politics of Classification, History of the Category "Religion" and the History of the Study of Religion

      guest seminar and discourse

      Categories at Work: Rethinking 'Religious Experience''

      Religion Before 'Religion', or the Persistence of Imaging Religion

      Web page


      Dr. Manuela Kalsky, Director of the Dominican Centre for Theology and Society, Nijmegen/ NL

      January 21st - 23rd, 2011 

      main research areas

      feminist and systematic theology

      guest seminar 

      Religiöse und kulturelle Diversität als Herausforderung für die christliche Theologie

      Web page


      photo of Prof. Dr. Swithin Wilmot

      Prof. Dr. Swithin Wilmot
      Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Education, University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica

      January 9th - 22nd, 2011 

      main research areas

      history of the Caribbean, post-emancipation politics and society in Jamaica

      guest seminar and discourse

      Emancipation in Jamaica in the Context of the Americas

      'Power to the People'. Blacks and Post Slavery Jamaican Politics

      Web page


      Prof. Dr. Rosalind Hackett, Department of Religious Studies, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

      18th to 22nd October

      main research areas

      religion in Africa, new religious movements, art, media, gender, conflict, and religious freedom in the African context

      guest seminar

      The Challenge of Proselytizing and Anti-Proselytizing to Human Rights

      From Neu-Traditionals to Neo-Pentecostals: Millenial and Apocalyptic Movements in Africa

      Web page


      Barbara Herzog-Punzenberger, M.A.
      Institute of Culture Studies and History of Theatre, Austrian Academy of Sciences

      18th to 22nd October

      main research areas

      educational aspects and chances of migrants in the labor market

      guest seminar

       Die Situation der Nachkommen von Migrant/innen im europäischen Ländervergleich

      Prof. Dr. Murray Print
      Lecturer for Civics, Citizenship and Democratic and Political Education,
      University of Sydney

      5th to 21st October

      main research areas

      youth participation in democracy, international and comparative education

      guest seminars and discourse

      Democratic Citizenship Education (seminar)

      Citizenship Education in International Perspective (discourse)

      Research colloquium and workshop regarding "Methods of subject-didactic research in political education"

      Workshop in the context of the "Politiklabor“

      Prof. Dr. Alan Dyson,
      Professor for Education, University of Manchester

      4th to 8th October

      main research areas

      Inclusive education; poverty and educational disadvantages

      guest seminar and discourse

      Developing inclusive schools: three perspectives from England

      Improving Schools, Developing Inclusion

      Prof. Dr. Horst Ruthrof
      Professor for English and Philosophy, Murdoch University

      9th to 14th July

      main research areas

      philosophy: phenomenology, corporeal semantics, corporeal pragmatics, semiotics, language philosophy and theories of meaning, theories of mind, English: literary theory , narratology, rise of the novel, short story, medieval verse tale

      guest seminar

      Theories of Meaning: A Critical Overview'

      Corporal Pragmatics and the Verbalisation of Emotion

      Dr. Mehmet Elgin
      Associate Professor, Universität Mugla

      June 22nd to July 16th

      main research areas

      Philosophy of Biology, General Philosophy of Science, Nature of Laws and Laws in teh Special Sciences, Biological Explanations of Human Behaviour

      guest seminar

      Philosophy of Religion

      Dr. Matti Kuorelahti
      Senior Lecturer, Universität Jyväskylä

       7th to 12th June

      Main research areas

      Inclusive Education, Teacher Education,  Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties

      Prof. Dr. Paul Reitter
      Associate Professor, Ohio State University

      14th to 20th June

      Main research areas

      German-Jewish literature and culture; German modernism; fin-de-siècle Vienna, critical theory

      Guest seminar
      On the History of Jewish Self-Hatred

      Prof. Dr. Peter Delius
      Personal Professor, University of the Witwatersrand

      30th May to 19th June 2010

      Main research areas

      The History of the Pedi Kingdom, Frontiers, Migrant Labour, Struggles over Land, Rural Resistance Movements, The Connection between Local and National Politics, Rural Development, Witchcraft, Conservation, Sexuality and Socialisation, Heritage - especially in Mpumalanga and Limpopo, and the Archaeology of Intensive Agriculture in Mpumulanga, 1500-1820.

      Guest seminars

      Captives and Cannibals

      Missionary Narratives of Savagery, Violence & Dislocation

      Representing the Koni: Debates over the Identity of Inhabitants of the Stone Walled Settlements of the Eastern Transvaal Escarpment 1500-1820

      Prof. Dr. Dirk Jacobs
      Professor for sociology and political science, Université Libre de Bruxelles

      25th to 28th May

      Main research areas

      ethnic minorities, integration policy, social networks, political sociology

      guest seminar

      In-depth analysis of migration studies

      Dr. Peter Buse
      Senior Lecturer, University of Salford

      24th to 28th May

      Main reserach areas

      Literary and Cultural Theory, Critical Approaches to Film II, Cinema and Psychoanalysis, Introduction to Drama

      Guest seminar

      Introduction to Film Analysis

      Dr. Tomas Kiauka
      Lecturer, University of Klaipeda

      24th to 31st May

      Main research areas

      systematic theology, philosophy of religion, philosophical anthropology

      Dr. Wanda Alberts
      Associate Professor for Religious studies at the University of Bergen

      Main research areas:

      theory and methodology in the study of religions, study of religions and school education about religions, Buddhism in Southeast Asia and Northwest Europe

      Prof. Dr. Tim Jensen
      Associate Professor for the Study of Religions an der Universität Süddänemark, Odense

      Main research areas:

      Religion Education, The Study of Religions, Religion in Media & Public Discourses;
      Politics, Law and Religion; Religion, Law & Human Rights; Secularization and Desecularization, World Religions in Denmark, Islam & Muslims in Denmark, Study of Religion Scholars as Experts and Public Opinion Makers

      Guest seminar

      Revisiting the Danish Muhammad Caricatures – A Perspective of a Scholar of Religion Who Functioned as an Expert to the Media

      Joint workshop:

      Education about religions as ”angewandte Religionswissenschaft”

      6th to 9th April

      Prof. Dr. Alfredo Artiles
      Professor of Special Education, Arizona State University

      22nd to 26th February

      Main research areas

      disability identification practices as a window into schools cultural constructions of difference and their implications for educational equity

      professional learning in urban schools as precursors of educational inequities for racial minority students

      Guest seminar

      "Theory and Research on Culture and Disability"

      Prof. Dr. Michael Bamberg
      Professor for Psychology at Clark University Worcester

      18th to 24th January

      Main research areas

      Discourse and Identity with an emphasis on how Narratives (particularly "Small Stories") ; adolescent and post-adolescent identity formation, particularly the emergence of professional identities

      Guest seminars

      "Who-Am-I? What does this question mean? - and how we analyze its answers"

      "Betty Tells Her Story. Narrative and Emotion in Making Sense of Who-We-Are"