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Can I also be admitted to doctoral studies with a degree from a University of Applied Sciences?

An admission is possible if you meet all in all two major requirements. Firstly, you should have finilised your appropriate studies with an above-average result and secondly you should be able to present two letters of recommendation from two professors of our faculty that confirm your scientific qualification. Moreover, the PhD Organisation Commission can decide on further qualifications. Since details can be clarified best directly in personal contact, please feel free to contact the Research Office.

Do I have to register as a PhD student at the university?

Yes, you do! According to the Lower Saxony Higher Education Act (NHG) (§9 para. 2 senetence 3) PhD students are obliged to register. Please find further information here.

Am I also able to do my PhD as an international university graduate?

Yes, you are. If your foreign degree is assessed on its equivalance, it is possible to to do your PhD at our faculty. You can find the legal regulations in §7 of our Research Degree Regulations. However, in order to clarify critical aspects concerning your application of admission, you should in any case contact the Reseach Office.

Is there any distinction between an advisor (Betreuer/ in) and a supervisor (Gutachter/ in) and how do I find either of them?

Generally we do distinguish between an advisor (Betreuer/ in) and a supervisor (Gutachter/ in). Whereas the advisor acts as counsellor during the PhD phase, the supervisor is the person who actually evaluates and grades the dissertation. Both, the principal advisor and the principal supervisor need to be members of the Faculty of Humanities of Leibniz Universität Hannover.

You are free to chose the advisor/s according to your subject. Your advisor/s is/are generally invited to suggest and recommend academic colleagues to act as supervisors. All supervisor/s, however, need to be nominated by the PhD Organisation Committee. 

All in all, the second supervisor can either be employed by a university in Germany or by a university abroad. However, he or she needs to meet the conditions  of §11 sentence 2 of the Research Degree Regulations.

How should a research proposal look like and how long should it be?

With your research proposal, which likewise needs to be attached to your application for admission, you shall present  that you acquired the current status of research on the one hand and that you thought profoundly on the research question to be written on on the other hand. Hence, it should contain elaborations on both the issues, including a short time schedule. You should discuss the necessary and appropriate length of your research proposal together with your supervisor.