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Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Humanities at Leibniz Universität Hannover!

Here we would like to provide you with insights into our work and objectives and simultaneously show you how our commitment to research and teaching can contribute to understand how social developments as well as political decisions change the individual’s life as well as social reality – and under which circumstances people like to organize and shape their lives.  

There are numerous reasons why our public life as well as our daily life is unthinkable without Humanities and Social Sciences. Not only do they offer orientation for the individual in its environment and build the foundation for the development of political and cultural life but they furthermore promote and demand independent and critical thinking and form the basis for democratic behavior as well as political participation.  

Therefore - to put it in the words of Wilhelm Busch - our famous satirical poet and caricaturist, who grew up near Hanover: 

Not alone to solve the double
Rule of Three shall man take trouble;
But must hear with pleasure Sages
Teach the wisdom of the ages. 

Please explore on the following pages the variety of degree programmes and research areas in the fifteen institutes of our faculty and use the here presented addresses to get  personally in touch with us. We are looking forward to getting to know you and are grateful for critical hints and suggestions. Last but not least, Mr. Wilhelm Busch could have had the sciences in mind when writing his quatrain:  

If someone climbs laboriously.
Into the branches of a tree. 
And thinks himself a bird to be:
Wrong is he.